Taker is a liquidity layer for BTC and its generated assets (BRC20, such as Ordi, Sats....) build on NPOL (Nominated Proof of Liquidity) consensus mechanism. To foster BTC ecosystem, Taker will bring huge potentials by unlocking BTC liquidity, which dormant for quite a long time. At the same time, Taker will bring adequate liquidity to several scenarios, such as Layer2s, native swap, restaking, lending, games, etc. Taker will be the early chain which supports users to stake LP tokens such as BTC/Ordi, BTC/Sats, BTC/wBTC, BTC/USDt, BTC/USDC, BTC/ETH, etc, to become delegators or validators to enjoy the yields from liquidity providing and the block rewards from Taker chain.

User flow:

  1. Users use our bridge (Backed up by our DHC technology) to bridge their BTC and BRC20 such as Ordi, Sats, USDT from BTC chain to Taker chain securely;

  2. By staking the LP tokens and locking them up, users will get veTAKERs as rewards,

  3. Users can choose to become validators or delegators by staking veTAKER

  4. Block rewards (veTAKER and TAKER) will be distributed to validators/delegators based on their stakes and weight in the network.

Why Taker Chain?

Many holders of BRC20 (Ordi, Sats, ...) are suffering insufficient liquidity scenarios when comes to trade on-chain, and there are no further applications for the asset holders to use.

By joining Taker, users can become liquidity providers for certain assets, such as BTC/Ordi, BTC/Sats, BTC/USDT to enjoy the yields from the trading fees charged by the pool while providing a more liquidity place for users to trade their assets. Meanwhile, LP stakers on Taker can choose to become validators/delegators to enjoy the block rewards while contributing the safety and operation of Taker chain.

Consensus by liquidity and Modularize the liquidity.

On the consensus side, we use the NPOL consensus, which is more secure, stable, decentralized, fair and efficient, to produce blocks. Simultaneously liquidity can be functional. Devs can develop native Swaps on top of Taker liquidity. And Layer2s can also attract and utilize Taker liquidity to foster their ecosystem. And users will get yield from diverse scenarios with no concerns about their native assets losing.


As POW consumes massive power to maintain the network security. The POS reduces the liquidity while processing the net transactions. At the same time, as the rewards being mainly distributed to those who staked numerous tokens, the networks become more and more centralized. Taker's consensus can avoid the diminishing marginal utility of network security, which happens with POS. At the same time, it possesses characteristics of high security, decentralization, and efficiency.


Taker's liquidity can be efficiently used within BTC ecosystem to help bootstrap those innovations. For example, when a game wants to integrate a native swap into its app, it can easily use Taker's adequate liquidity as a component without bearing the

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