The TAKER token is the network token for Taker Chain, which can be used to pay for the gas fee for activities on the chain. It is transferrable and tradable.

Token allocation:

The TAKER token allocation is displayed below:

  1. About 51% of the token will be distributed to the community via airdrop, minting events, block reward, and many other activities on the chain, which will last more than 5 years;

  2. Core contributors' rewards contain 10% of the team allocation which will be unlocked quarterly in 5 years. Other early developers/ ecosystem contributors will also get token rewards, the rewards will last for 5 years;

  3. Investors get 22% of the token which will be released quarterly in about 2-3 years with certain cliff terms;

  4. About 2% of the token will be considered as advisor tokens, which will be released in about 5-7 years.

How to get TAKER

The original root of getting TAKER is only from the block rewards through the validators, but users can also purchase TAKER on the secondary market.

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