veTaker is a governance token used to secure the network through staking with validators in the NPoL consensus, which is also where the Taker chain is based. veTAKER is non-transferable and can be burned and minted TAKER token at a 1:1 ratio. This is a one-way function, TAKER can not convert back to veTAKER.

Functionalities for veTAKER

  1. Holders of veTAKER can vote for adding/removing the LP liquidity pool;

  2. Holders of veTAKER can also vote for parameter upgrading when it comes to the rewards distribution in different pools;

  3. Holders who stake their veTaker become the delegators/validators and can enjoy the benefit of the yields from the transaction fees from the pools and block rewards accordingly.

How to get veTAKER

There are only two ways of getting veTAKER:

  1. Deposit LP tokens and stake&lock to get veTAKER rewards accumulated by blocks;

  2. veTAKER can also be generated from block rewards and will be distributed back to the validators and delegators.

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