Validators are the backbone of NPOL consensus, playing a critical role in maintaining network security, transaction validation, liquidity provision, and overall network stability. They are responsible for producing and validating blocks, ensuring the integrity of the blockchain ledger. Key Responsibilities of Validators in NPOL:

  1. Block Production:

    1. Validators are responsible for creating new blocks by including transactions and adding them to the blockchain.

    2. They receive transaction fees as a reward for their block production efforts.

  2. Transaction Validation:

    1. Validators verify the validity of transactions before they are included in blocks.

    2. This involves checking for proper signatures, sufficient funds, and adherence to network rules.

  3. Liquidity Provision:

    1. In addition to block production and transaction validation, validators in NPOL systems also stake liquidity tokens.

    2. This incentivizes them to maintain adequate liquidity on the network, ensuring that users can easily trade and exchange assets.

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