Taker prepared a few launch events to provide more incentives for users to join the ecosystem.

Pre-launch event Stake to earn points (Partnered with Binance Custody Wallet):

  1. Allow users to check their "eligible points" to see how many points they will get at the endowment. (sample as figure 1.1) (Defi trades with more than 20K on-chain trade volume can get 200 points, more than 20K lending/borrowing volume can get 200 points, Bluechip NFTs holders can get 200 points, more than 1 BTC holders can get 200 points, more than 1 BTC worth Ordi/Sats holders can get 200 points, use more than 5 times the cross-chain bridge can get 100 points, users have used Uniswap or Curve for more than 2K LP tokens can get 200 points)

  2. Encourage users to stake more valuable assets. Users need to at least stake 0.1BTC or 0.1BTC worth of assets (Ordi, Sats, USDT, USDC, ETH, wBTC) to get their endowment points;

  3. Every 0.1BTC worth of assets staked can get 1 box per week, the more users staked, the more boxes they will get;

  4. Each box can open to get more points varying from 50 to 500 points;

  5. There are also some daily tasks for users to complete to get points or boxes (see Figure 1.2)

  6. The "Stake to earn points" will last about 1 month or 6 weeks;

    Mainnet Launch;

  7. After discussion with the CEX for listing, the mainnet for Taker will be launched.Points conversion:

  8. Users can check their points rewarded for the prelaunch stake event, and they need to stake at least 0.1BTC worth LP tokens to keep their points and can unlock 50% of the points to claim the tokens; (If stake more than 0.3 BTC worth LP, can get 1.5 multipliers)

  9. Users stake the LP token and lock on Taker and get veTAKER can unlock another 20% of the points; (Lock up more than 0.3 BTC can get another 1.5 multiplier)

  10. Users get veTAKER and choose to delegate it to validators, or become a validator and can unlock another 20% of the points, if become a validator can get 1.1 mutiplier;

  11. Users who use veTAKER to participate in the governance can unlock the remaining 10% of the points.

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